A baker’s yeast, rich in vitamin D, has been approved by the European Commission on June 24th

The company have been seeking approval for the yeast for about two years, since it was approved in both the US and Canada.

The yeast - VitaD Baker’s Yeast made by Lallemand - can be added to bakery products to provide a new daily source of vitamin D to consumers. The vitamin is usually absorbed from sunlight, but the latest UK national Diet and Nutritional Survey found evidence for an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency in all ages.

Gert Steenkamp, president and general manager of Lallemand Yeast Group (EMEA Division), said: “Since many Europeans are not meeting their needs for Vitamin D and new dietary sources are needed, the European Commission’s approval now gives the baking industry a unique opportunity to offer a solution to enhance the healthy attributes of bread, benefiting from the growing consumer awareness of the importance of vitamin D to the maintenance of the immune system and bone health, as recognised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).”

Vitamin D has been linked to assisting the maintenance of healthy bones and, more recently, its importance to the immune system.

The yeast is treated with UV light to enhance its vitamin D content, and table to heat and oxidation. It is also vegetarian.

Lallemand baker’s yeast will soon be available throughout Europe.