All Muffin Breaks will sell a “bold new creation to excite and intrigue” each month from now on, as part of the company’s new Muffin Lab concept.

Muffin Lab will bring out a new creation for customers to enjoy each month. These will have quirky names to match their “unexpected” flavour combinations.

The first is the ‘duffin’ – a cross between a doughnut and a muffin. It has a cocoa filling, lashings of hazelnut spread on top, and is finished off with a dusting of cinnamon. It is available now, for one month from today, and costs £2.20.

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As part of the initiative, customers can suggest their own creations – the best one will be added to the Muffin Lab Hall of Fame.

Muffin Break’s marketing manager Gemma Sandells said: “We hope the constant variety of new flavour offerings will keep it exciting for our customers, who are definitely seeking new taste experiences and sensations.”

Muffin Break bakes a range that includes wraps, baguettes, cakes and muffins on site daily, using fresh ingredients.