The Fabulous Baker Brothers have signed up for a second year as the faces of National Craft Bakers’ Week (NCBW).

The organisers of the week, including the Craft Bakers’ Association, have announced their plans for this year, which include an integrated consumer PR campaign and a new website launching in June.

And Tom and Henry Herbert attended last weekend’s annual general meeting of the National Association of Master Bakers, where the organisation decided to change its trading name.

Speaking at the weekend, baker Tom Herbert said he was “honoured and proud” to be a patron of NCBW. He added: “Sign up. Get on board and let’s make some noise and get people to visit their baker.”

NCBW is funded and supported by the Craft Bakers’ Association and Scottish Bakers, as well as stakeholders from across the bakery sector including British Baker, California Raisins, CSM, Bakels, Bako, BFP, Dawn, Ireks, Marriages, Macphie, Puratos, Reynards and Zeelandia.

The week will run from Monday 7 to Sunday 13 October and will be calling on the public to ‘Love Your Baker’. The campaign will encourage people to visit their local high street craft baker and highlight the skills and range of produce, including regional specialities, that bakers make every day.

Ivor McKane, channel director at CSM and chair of NCBW 2013, is delighted with the industry support for the campaign so far this year. He told British Baker: “We have consulted with bakers and, as a result, are investing in an enhanced campaign for 2013. We believe the event offers bakers a real and exciting opportunity to raise awareness of their business and to increase the profile of the industry overall.

“As requested by bakers, we have also increased the PR support at a local level and are once again working with the Teenage Cancer Trust. We are calling on all craft bakers to get involved and register to take part now!”

It costs bakers just £5 to register to take part in National Craft Bakers’ Week, irrespective of the number of shops they own. The money is donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust and, in return, bakers receive free POS materials for each of their shops and a guide to how to get involved.

All participating bakers will be featured on the database on the new website launching in June - which will allow the public to search for their local baker - and bakers will be able to join in on Twitter and Facebook to promote their own shops too. Local and national PR activity will also support bakers participating in the campaign and a template press release will be available for those who want to do their own local PR as well.

Visit – new website launching in June - to take part in National Craft Bakers’ Week and for more information.