TV chef and judge on Britain’s Best Bakery Peter Sidwell is to help NHS Scotland in creating healthy bakery options in its coffee shop chain Aroma.

The coffee brand, owned by the NHS, will work with Sidwell to introduce more healthy baked goods to its hospital cafés.

Sidwell said this would also be part of plans to expand the Aroma brand further into England and Wales.

Giving a talk at the Scottish Bakers Conference last weekend about healthy baking, he said: “Health is something you either treat as a threat or you treat it as an opportunity. Be part of the revolution and you will reap the benefits.

 “As a nation we are going to have to change the way we eat.”

Sidwell also claimed he had come up with a ‘healthy’ pastry for pies, which he said tasted just as good as a regular pastry.

Aroma is the NHS’ own brand which was launched into Scotland in 2009. The profits from the cafés are ploughed into the NHS. There are currently 17 Aroma cafés in 12 Scottish hospitals.