The #WeLoveBread campaign has received response from Number 10, following a visit to personally deliver letters to the Prime Minister.

The letter, addressed to Craft Bakers’ Association (CBA) executive director Mike Holling, explains that Prime Minister David Cameron still enjoyed “eating and making bread”, despite his comments in January which signalled he had given it up.

It also said that the government agreed the best way to stay healthy was to follow a balanced diet through the ‘eatwell’ plate, of which bread is a part. See below picture to read the full letter.  

The #WeLoveBread campaign organised for a group of key industry members to visit Downing Street after Cameron declared his bread aversion, so they could deliver letters of concern about the impact he was having on perceptions of bread. 

CBA executive director Mike Holling said: “We are very pleased that they have had the courtesy to reply to us ­ they must have taken our visit seriously. Thanks to British Baker’s help in organising it.

“Downing Street reassures us that Mr Cameron does still like bread, and we are pleased to hear not negatives, but in fact we have a lot of positives.

“Despite this, this is not the end of it, and we still continue to support the campaign and lobby for the promotion of bread in a healthier light.”

The magazine was joined for the visit to Downing Street in February by a host of industry organisations, including the British Society of Baking (BSB), the Federation of Bakers, the Craft Bakers’ Association (CBA) and Scottish Bakers.

Since the campaign was set up, British Baker has helped bakers lobby to change the frequent demonisation of bread in the media.

The magazine has also got involved in other organisations’ campaigns to promote bread, such as Grain Chain ­ run to help teachers promote grain-based foods, such as bread, to children.