Craig Poynter, who used to work at Gordons Ramsay’s restaurant, is set to open up his own Artisan bakery in Nottingham.

Initially Poynter started out making bread in his kitchen at home, but has now set his sights on converting an empty shop into a bakery.

In order for his bakery to be set up, the chef has launched a £10,000 Kickstarter campaign to help fund the set-up, and has so far raised £1,347.

Speaking to the Nottingham Post, the 31-year-old baker said: “The building, the suppliers, and the demand are all in place. We just need help to make sure we have the equipment to make it work.”

Poynter has spent time perfecting new skills, including a stint with Andrew Whitely, co-founder of the Real Bread Campaign and founder of Bread Matters.

Once the bakery is set up, Poynter plans to include live music, cinema nights, exhibitions and pop-up markets.

Pledges of £5 or more can be made at: