The Alliance for Bakery Students & Trainees (ABST) has revealed a new-look website this week.

The organisation has refreshed the design of its online portal,, which includes areas such as latest updates, information on competitions and the history of the ABST.

Christopher Foxall, communications secretary for the ABST, and technical sales manager for Rank Hovis, told British Baker: “Having the website, now live, gives us the ability to reach those students and trainees who do not use social networking sites, but also have a central hub, which can be used to have videos, such as the conference video British Baker kindly made, as well as all our updates.

“So far we have had quite a lot of interest in the site, which is great and shows that we are definitely reaching those students and trainees, as well as people from industry, which we did not achieve before. The aim of the site is to give an overview of what the ABST is all about. We are always looking into new ways of communication, to ensure that all students and trainees are aware of the great opportunities this industry has to offer.”

The ABST will be hosting its annual conference at Alton Towers in Staffordshire between 14 and 16 June. Watch British Baker’s video round-up of last year’s event by clicking the links below:

ABST Annual Conference 2012: part one and part two.