Retail baker Oliver Adams pressed two vintage buses into service in Northampton town centre this month, as it celebrated its 150th anniversary and launched new branding.

Two vintage buses from 1947 and 1964, with Adams bread advertisements from the 1950s on the side, were used to give the public free rides to mark the occasion.

Thomas Adams, MD and the fifth generation of the Adams family in the 21-shop business, said the celebrations also highlighted a new look for Adams. The retail bakery’s shops are being refurbished and rebranded with subtle changes to lettering and colours.

Mr Adams told British Baker: “We decided our image was a bit dated when we took a cold hard look at it. We have given it a more modern twist, evolved from the previous look, with different lettering. We believe that if you have a modern bright clean shop there is always going to be a place for you on the high street, even if you are competing against people who are selling on price.”

Delivery vans and packaging have also been updated, he said. Adams, established in 1856, is believed to be one of Northampton’s oldest firms.