This little curio popped into our inbox tagged with the eyebrow raising heading: "Belcolade’s chocolate Manneken Pis jets in for 20 Years of Passion celebrations", accompanied by a snap of a nude child made of chocolate.

The press release revealed it was to do with Belcolade celebrating 20 years of producing Belgian chocolate. They chose to mark the occasion with a chocolatey version of Manneken Pis - which translates as ’little man pee’ - one of Belgium’s most famous landmarks.

We’re still not quite sure how our friends at Belcolade managed to equate "20 Years of Passion" with chocolate statues of peeing children. But marketing assistant Lydia Baines explains the UK side of the celebrations: "During this leg of his celebratory tour, we took the Mannekin Pis to Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, an English pub, and even a game of cricket, before being guest of honour at Belcolade UK’s celebrations."

Fifty-five of these statues were shipped out to 16 countries worldwide. Belcolade teams from around the world will be snapping "Pis boy" at famous landmarks and the photographs will be exhibited in Brussels this summer.

Forget Brussels, we think it should be put forward for the Turner Prize.