Asda has claimed to have become the first UK supermarket to bake its sliced bread in-store.

The retailer announced its fresh Chosen By You sliced bread reached the shelves in five hours from when its team of bakers began mixing the dough, which it said was 19 hours faster than other UK supermarkets.

The launch was initially trialled in 25 stores, where sales of its Chosen By You sliced bread increased 30% compared to the 12 weeks before the trial.

“Asda has always led the way in bakery innovation, inventing tiger bread in 2001 and introducing the bread bell, which rings when fresh loaves come out of the oven,” claimed the firm.

John Cummings, Asda’s bakery director, commented: “One of our customers’ favourite aspects of our in-store bakeries is the bell we ring when a fresh round has just been made – they’re going to have to get used to hearing that sound a lot more often.”

Asda said the launch was key to its on-going commitment to providing fresh, quality food.

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