Bakels’ (Bicester, Oxfordshire) latest addition to its range of release agents is Spink - a general purpose lubricant that comes in a 500ml aerosol can.

The company says that Spink offers the same features as its Tinwax release agent, which is used for high sugar confectionery products such as sponges and Swiss rolls, but is equally suitable for pizza pans and silver foils.

Tinwax is a blend of vegetable oil and vegetable wax and provides a clean release every time. It can be applied by hand or spray from a 12kg ’bag in box’.

Other release agents in Bakels’ range include Tincol, Dovidol, Tinglide and Release, each of which has a specific application for the release of bread, confectionery and savouries.

Tincol is suitable for both bread and roll production. It can be applied by hand, pad or spray gun and is available in a variety of pack sizes. In line with current health trends, a soya-free version is available.

Dovidol is a blend of refined vegetable oils, which prevents dough pick up and provides a trouble-free release from surfaces such as dough dividers, bowls, chutes and hoppers.

It can be applied by brush, hand-held sprayer and automatic spray systems. Also available is Dovidol Green which is approved by the Soil Association.

Tinglide, an all-purpose confectionery release agent produced in various grades, is for sponges, cakes and Swiss roll production.