Darlington-based business Mowden Bakery has been raided by thieves who stole six charity boxes and the shop’s till in the early hours of Friday morning last week (7 October).

Liz Stokell, owner of the bakery, was devastated as she found her shop window had been smashed by the burglars to gain access to the premises.

The thieves took several charity boxes that were linked to causes including St Teresa’s Hospice and the Great North Air Ambulance.

Stokell told the Northern Echo: “My husband came in to do the baking at around 5am and found glass smashed everywhere. They took the charity boxes and our till – how desperate they must be if they’re willing to do something like this.

“It’s absolutely shocking that they’d steal those boxes, I just hope they need a charity one day and realise how important they are.”

The family-run bakery had to pay £200 in repair costs and was adamant that the break-in would not affect the business in the long-run.

“My mum opened this place in 1979 and we’ve just got to clean up and keep going,” said Stokell.

“It’s pointless claiming the money from the insurance because of the excess and the impact it will have on future insurance costs.”

In July, Glasgow-based baker Matt Fountain was distraught to find thieves made off with his company’s van.