Baker Perkins has launched a new wire-cut machine for soft dough cookies and bars. The kit has been designed to minimise costs and improve hygiene.

The TruClean wire-cut includes a new method of sealing the end of the hoppers to the feed rolls, which is easier to maintain, according to the firm.

Customers can choose from three hygiene levels, for the option best suited to their own cleaning regime and cross-contamination risk. Level one is designed for dry or wet cloth cleaning when there are no cross-contamination issues; level two is for low-pressure wet or chemical cleaning if there is potential for cross-contamination; while level three is designed for high-pressure wet, steam or chemical cleaning when a high risk of cross contamination exists.

The TruClean machine comes in band widths from 812mm to 1,525mm and speeds from 60 to 200 cuts per minute.