Wholesaler Bako North Western recently teamed up with supplier Callebaut to host an interactive chocolate workshop at its training facility - The Bakory - in Preston.

A select group of bakers were invited to the workshop, which focused on improving skills in the ‘art of chocolate’. The day started with a presentation about the uses and origins of chocolate, followed by a hands-on afternoon making chocolate lollipops and bouquets.

Beverley Dunkley, head of Callebaut’s UK Chocolate Academy, who helped run the event, said: "One of the main techniques they will learn today is the art of tempering which creates a beautiful finish to their goods and stops them becoming discoloured and mottled, this is very easy and is a skill that can be applied in many bakery applications."

Sam Hayward, marketing executive and event organiser at Bako, said: "By holding this workshop we can help our customers expand their skills and therefore product lines.

"Chocolate, as a product, can help make goods more premium; and with the luxury market buoyant, even during the recession, these skills could help our customers businesses increase their margins and profits."