distributor Bako North Western is to launch a customer loyalty scheme claimed to be worth an average £40 a month to customers. The Plus Reward Points scheme will cover special offers by Bako North Western’s suppliers, which will pay for the scheme. All the firm’s 2,500 customers will be entered for the scheme automatically when buying

special offers, after the scheme goes live next month.

Kath Lawson, Bako’s purchasing manager, said that Bako’s suppliers of ambient, chilled and frozen bakery products were very keen on the scheme, which could cost them more than £1m a year.

Bako claimed the loyalty scheme would be the first for the purchasing level targeted. It estimated the average customer would clock up nearly 4,000 points a month, with a customer either using each 100 points to reduce its account balance by £1 or redeeming the points for £1 Capital Bond gift vouchers for use in Argos, Debenhams, Boots and other stores.

Lawson said: “We have spent a lot of time listening to our customers to find out what more we can offer them and what they would like back from the business. Some simply wanted to reduce costs further, but others wanted to reward themselves for the hard work they put in.”

She said the Bako scheme was transparent, with customers’ monthly statements showing how many points they have accumulated.

Bako North Western is the largest of five regional Bako co-operatives.