== Pudding Lane: ==

Australian company, Pudding Lane, will be promoting its new Chocolate & Orange Log and Chocolate Rum & Raisin Pudding Log at the event. It hopes to attract people looking for indulgence.

Handmade in New South Wales, the range is distributed in the UK by Porter Foods. The puddings were created following customer demand for new flavours of dark chocolate puddings in a convenient and easy-to-portion shape.

== Quai Sud ==

Speciality sugar will be on offer from French ’flavour designer’ Quai Sud, which produces more than 1,000 lines, including cocoa beans, salts and spice mixes. One of its most innovative products is organic blueberry hibiscus sugar, made using non-refined sugar from Brazil. It will be launching a new range of ’fleur de sel’, available in four different flavours: truffle, saffron, Espellette chilli (French soft chilli), and green tea. All of their products are available in bulk - 1, 2 or 5kg.

== Key’s of Lincolnshire ==

Family-run farm Key’s of Lincolnshire is to launch ’the pink onion’ at the show this year. The business has been around for the last century, and specialises in growing, preparing and supplying a wide range of fruit and vegetables. The pink onion hasn’t previously been grown commercially in the UK and is sweet-tasting, so useful in salads.

== Passion Shed ==

Passion Shed, based in Liverpool, specialises in creating sweet and savoury treats, such as NuttySwiss (pictured) and will be launching its new range of products inspired by tastes from some of the culinary capitals of the world - Spain, Italy, Morocco and Switzerland. Passion Shed’s Brian Cardy and friends Sarah James, Lily Barlow and Richard Millington scoured Europe to source ingredients for the five flavours, using premium extra virgin olive oils, Modena balsamic vinegars, nuts and Swiss chocolate.

== BlueConcept ==

BlueConcept will be unveiling a new juice - ’Wild Blueberries 100%’ - at the event. The berry drink has been produced by a small family business in Sweden, and is made from 100% wild Swedish blueberries. The juice is presented in glass bottles, delivered in wooden cases and has a shelf-life of three years, without the need for refrigeration.

== Sympathy Teas ==

Sympathy Teas is a family-run business that creates herbal teas. It will unveil a new tea at the show as a result of a competition being held within its tasting club. Members were given the opportunity to come up with new tea ideas, before the suggestions are put to a vote. The top three will then be blended for tasting, and the winning tea will be available to sample and purchase at the show.

== Ecobags ==

Family-run company Ecobags will be launching a new range of totally biodegradable Jute bags, which can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to carrier bags. The company, founded in 2003, specialises in the design and supply of high-quality, custom-made reusable bags.