n Supermarkets could be made to adopt the traffic light system of food labelling in a deal made between the Department of Health, the Food Standards Agency and the European Union, according to the Daily Telegraph. Public health minister Dawn Primarolo has confirmed it is the government’s favoured option, but Tesco, and around 50 other firms, prefer a system of guided daily amounts to alert consumers on health issues.

n Oxfordshire-based silo and storage tank manufacturer Braby has developed a state-of-the-art breadcrumb facility to keep flour cool and avoid problems created by warm dough. Developed by Braby’s in-house team of designers and engineers, the system has two aluminium powder silos, a vacuum conveyor, and sieving and metallic separators.

n Butt Foods, which recently launched "breadies" - a bowl made of bread that can hold hot soup, chilli or curry for eight hours without collapsing - has been nominated for two awards. The Nottinghamshire-based bakery, which makes 60 million naan breads a year, now makes 50,000 of the edible bowls a week for pubs and other eating outlets across the UK and in Europe.

n Sliced bread supplier Brace’s Bakery has expanded its distribution fleet to 90 vehicles with 10 new Iveco 3.5-ton vans. The company said recent trials of the new vans revealed an average daily fuel saving of eight litres per vehicle, equating to a £26,000 reduction in annual costs.