Nottingham-based bakery Butt Foods has been awarded the Desserts and Bakery Supplier of the Year honour at the Brakes Supplier Conference.

The company, which supplies flatbread, naans, sub rolls and other speciality breads to the foodservice sector, was awarded the accolade for its 100% level of supply, stock and logistics innovation, market-leading insight and new product development, as well as being praised for having a helpful team.

David Williams, MD for Butt Foods, said it was the cherry on the cake to receive the award from Brakes.

“We are thrilled to have been named the Desserts and Bakery Supplier of the Year at the Brakes Supplier Conference,” he said.

“We have had links with Brakes for almost the entire history of Butt Foods, which sources from more than 2,000 suppliers. Our company was founded in 1990 and, the following year, we began supplying naan breads to Brakes – dealing with the original founding Brake family. The business relationship has continued since then, as both companies have developed.”