Leicester cake decorator Trish Clarke recently partnered up with Renshaw to create a 10kg cake that looks exactly like a Christmas turkey.

After she received no orders for fruit-based classic Christmas cakes this year, Clarke decided she would not let her festive baking skills go to waste.

The turkey cake comes complete with all the trimmings and took a week to finish.

Clarke, who has been making cakes for 20 years, said: "After getting no orders for fruit cakes this year, I decided it was time to do something different to get people talking about the sweeter side of Christmas.

"The cake uses a variety of techniques, from hand sculpting and modelling to airbrushing and painting the finishing touches and I hope it showcases the fun you can have with sugarcraft."

Mark Bosworth, marketing director at Renshaw, which supplied her which the huge amount of icing and marizpan she needed for the cake, said: "Cake decoration and baking has been one of the biggest trends of 2013, capturing the nation’s imagination with cakes so creative they’re seen as works of art.

"We at Renshaw have definitely noted a move away from the classic Christmas fruit cake, with more people keen to experiment with style and decoration. Trish’s creation shows how working with sugarpaste can become art - hopefully she’ll inspire others to put their creativity to the test."