Cereform’s manufacturing site in Corby has achieved ‘zero to landfill’ status.

During the financial year 2010/11 the site produced 46,498 tonnes of finished product. It achieved a 32% reduction in waste to landfill and a £2,893 cost saving on landfill charges. It also achieved a 105% increase in materials sent to recycling.

During May this year Cereform embarked on an objective to achieve ‘zero to landfill’ at its site in Corby. The firm said that despite increasing recycling initiatives over the two years prior to this objective being set, it hadn’t had a significant impact on the waste going to landfill.

It enlisted the help of Nutrafeed to manage the site’s total waste outputs, which included: animal feed, hazardous waste, recycling and waste to landfill. The firm said it now estimates the total cost recovery following the zero to landfill achievement will be around £37k for the year to 2011/12.

Cereform said the entire team at Corby was engaged in the process, with the support of Nutrafeed’s business development manager Angela Walker. Nutrafeed specialises in delivering specifically tailored sustainable environmental solutions.