Information from 64,000 wheat samples and 22,000 barley samples has been received and analysed by HGCA for its final Cereals Quality Survey.

It shows the UK has harvested another good quality wheat crop. Compared to recent years, average Hagberg and protein content is higher with specific weight slightly down and moisture content very similar.

"After what was seen as a good quality wheat crop in 2005/06, these results suggest that quality levels will be quite similar this year. Given a slightly lower crop size, there could be slightly less wheat available to millers. However, the HGCA Cereal Quality Survey suggests that quality is likely to be fairly uniform across Great Britain, making it less likely that large amounts of grain will need to be transported large distances to meet millers needs," said Michael Archer, HGCA Economist.

"Great Britain seems to have harvested another good quality wheat crop, with average Hagbergs the highest since 2003. Regional variation seems to be limited, with Hagbergs in all regions being at least 279 seconds on average," he added.

The final barley results suggest quality is mixed compared to last season but superior to most of the three-season averages. Average GB specific weight for barley is 67.7 kg/hl. This is 0.6 kg/hl above 05/06 and 0.7 kg/hl above the three-year average. The average nitrogen content of barley is 1.74%, down slightly from last season’s 1.76% and the same as the three-year