I like convenient food that is simple, plain and easy to eat, without being too messy.

For lunch, I make cheese and ham sarnies from soft, white Warburtons buns that are already cut for you or buy Ginsters Simply Chicken sandwiches on malted brown bread from the shop near university. I go to the shop because I can’t be bothered waiting in-line at the canteen. It’s always too long!

If I go to the supermarket I pick up white Kingsmill because it’s easy to toast. I always buy a drink when I buy a sarnie, either Coke or Fanta.

About once every fortnight I go to Subway and get the meatball Sub with salad, peppers and chilli sauce.

When I go on holiday to Portugal, I really like the glazed doughnuts there - they are made fresh in the morning. They are much softer and nicer than the average British doughnut. I’m really not bothered about health concerns and so on.

I often buy meat and potato pies and sausage rolls from places like Greggs. I take them home and eat them on a plate with a knife and fork and tomato sauce.

I hate to get messy when I’m eating and don’t like stuff, such as baked beans in pasties. I also find that cakes are often too sickly and sweet for me. I really like gingerbread men though!

Ben Gabriel is in his second year studying economics at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston

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