A Lincolnshire bakery owner has criticised the local council after he was ordered to repaint his shop because it was the wrong colour.

Pocklington’s Bakery, which is housed in a Victorian Grade 2-listed building in Louth, was refurbished in August with a lime-green colour scheme, but owner Chris Pocklington was told by the local authority that it should have been painted a Victorian green, dark blue or maroon shade.

East Lindsey District Council said it was too vibrant for the town’s conservation area, but Pocklington told British Baker that a shop opposite was painted lime green and a travel agent next door had an aqua blue frontage.

“The council have tied themselves up in knots over this. It feels like they are picking on a small business,” he said. “We were just trying to brighten up the market place. We had 600 comments from customers and only two said they didn’t like the colour.”

The bakery was repainted in a darker shade of green in September at a cost of around £300.

Pocklington’s was founded in 1924 by Chris Pocklington’s grandfather. It currently has four shops and a wholesale business.