A range of cooking spirits and wines for use in bakery and food manufacturing are available from Cuisinewine.

The line includes low-alcohol wines, full-strength cooking spirits and liqueurs, turned viscous with a natural stabiliser. The cooking spirits are made with traditional distilled spirits and come in one-litre PET bottles. They are available in Scotch whisky, French brandy, Caribbean dark rum, Calvados and Triple Sec. The liqueur range consists of amaretto, crème de cassis, crème de framboise and Poire Williams.

The wines available are Tempranillo (red), Pardina (white), Port and Madeira. They come in a wipe-clean five-litre bag-in-box, with a non-drip tap and a handle; the Port and Madeira come in the same boxes but in three litres.

All Cuisinewine cooking spirits and wines are classified as condiments, thereby avoiding excise duty and VAT.