Nash Nutritionals (Dorking, Surrey) has introduced OatVantage. This natural oat soluble fibre is concentrated to contain 54% oat beta-glucan, which enables bakers to achieve a beta-glucan content of 0.75g per serving.

At this level, a ‘helps to reduce cholesterol’ labelling claim can be made, under Joint Health Claims Initiative guidelines.

Other oat ingredients have less than half the beta-glucan content of OatVantage, claims Nash. The ingredient’s high concentration means bakers can now produce loaves containing a quarter of the recommended daily amount of beta-glucan soluble fibre from just one serving. Products will also have the advantage of low-GI and low-carb levels.

Clinical trials conducted in the US showed a significant reduction in people’s total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels over a six-week period after taking 3g twice a day.

Other advantages of OatVantage are control of blood sugar levels and weight loss because people feel full up for longer, claims the company.

The ingredient was developed by Glanbia Nutritionals and is marketed by Nash Nutritionals in the baking industry.

The new ingredient follows the launch by Nash Nutritionals of Gempro HiQ, a high-glutaine wheat protein isolate, and Gustara Fermented Wheat Flour, a ‘clean label’ bread improver that enables bakers to produce bread without the need for fermentation management.