Dawn Foods has said it does, and is willing to share them with you until the end of January.

Put together by Dawn Foods’ futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye, (pictured) Morgaine’s Notes From The Future is a new guide that will help bakers ‘stay ahead of the game’ this year, according to Dawn.

Gaye said the guide is about “trends not fads”, and aims to bring bakers “valuable insights about how the market is changing”.

There are 12 key themes listed and, for each, Gaye reveals how bakers can make the most of the opportunities they present. There are also recipe tailored recipe suggestions for each.

  • Speciality diets – Everything from gluten-free to paleo and vegan, with a host of variants in-between.
  • Fermentation – How to preserve yourself and your baking.
  • Texture – Putting the tactile back into baking – mouthfeel, coatings and glosses are where it’s at.
  • Survival – Get thrifty and functional, and do it now.
  • Space – This is about searching for ‘better’ and ‘other’. How to integrate this idea into your baking.
  • Back to the Land – Go back to basics and use what’s all around you.
  • Fortitude – Health, wellness and added benefits are the name of the game.
  • Kidult – Gaye says there’s an generation that still live with their parents but are financially mobile. Play to your audience, who don’t seem to want to grow up.
  • Volume – Make a statement about being bigger and bolder than ever.
  • Imperfection – “Food and meals will be less perfectly arranged and will mix and match cultures, genres, dishes and flavours.”
  • Prohibition – Imposed restrictions are on the rise, and these show no signs of subsiding. Be ahead of the curve.
  • Hybrid & Fantasy – escapism and blurring the real with the unreal, using digital elements. Stop expanding and start specialising.

Find the full insights here