As coconut starts to look increasingly good value, we would expect to see demand increase and prices start to creep up. UK prices have increased by between 5-10% over the past one to two months and this trend seems highly likely to continue in the short- to medium term.


Californian prices remain firm, and indications are that US raisin prices will not weaken. If the weather in Turkey is good over the next two to three months, it might encourage Turkish stockholders to sell their current crop more aggressively in anticipation of optimal supply from October forward.


Pricing in Turkey will be largely governed by the weather. While Turkey still expects to see further demand, now that their prices have downwardly corrected over the past two months, a combination of expected new demand and a strong Lira has resulted in prices stabilising at current levels.


Currants remain stable, with fluctuations mainly coming from the currency and ongoing and sporadic port strikes at Piraeus (Greece) rather than any supply/demand issue from the commodity itself.


The Turkish apricots market continues to firm on the back of strong demand, a strong Lira and the remainder of unsold stocks held in the hands of strong Turkish processors.

l Based on information provided by ingredients supplier RM Curtis