Today more than three million baguettes, five million croissants, one million pizza and two million speciality bread products are baked every 24 hours in Gouet tunnel ovens, says the French company, which works with UK partner Epsom-based European Process Plant.

Gouet has recently redesigned its range, making the lines more user-friendly. The revamped industrial stone tunnel oven can use both convection and radiation as in traditional ovens. Bread baked in the oven can fully develop artisan characteristics as it is bottom-heated. The system also allows the independent regulation of each zone in the baking chamber.

The company’s Turbojet tunnel oven has been designed to bake products that do not need to rise and can withstand fast baking such as pizzas, desserts and ready meals. Based on a high turbulence process, this oven has temperatures of up to 400°C and variable baking times up to eight minutes. Top and separate quality baking can be achieved on mesh, natural stones, steel plates or steel band.