Gluten- and wheat-free specialist Dr Schär UK, has teamed up with Health Village – a new concept store from Lloyds Pharmacy.  

Its range of DS-gluten free and TRUfree products will be available in the new store, in order to offer more convenience for consumers buying gluten- and wheat-free foods. It will enable coeliacs, who get their staple food products on prescription, to purchase extra items now not available on the NHS, following the Primary Care Trust (PCT) budget cuts, such as sweet biscuits and crackers, said the firm.

Health Village opened last week in London and is the first pharmacy in the UK to offer a wide range of products from DS-gluten free and TRUfree. “Recent budget cuts from various PCTs have meant that a number of gluten- and wheat-free products are no longer available on prescription,” explained Emma Herring, retail brand manager for Dr. Schär UK.
“Plus, with the number of units allowed on prescription also being restricted, we’ve definitely seen an increase in retail sales of these more ‘luxury’ items, which we expect to continue over the next few years.”
Products available include Dr. Schär UK’s TRUfree Rich Tea Biscuits, Digestives, Custard Creams, Bourbons, Chocolate Nobbles, Chocolate Fingers, High Fibre Crackers, Herb and Onion Crackers and Pretzels and DS-gluten free Brown Multigrain Loaf, White Sliced Loaf, White Ciabatta Rolls, Brown Ciabatta Rolls, Rice Cakes, Breadsticks and Crispbread.

The manufacturer has also provided the pharmacy staff with a specialist training programme to ensure they have an extensive knowledge about the products they will be selling.

Dr Schär’s other gluten- and wheat-free food brand Glutafin is already available in Lloyds Pharmacy.

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