“I never thought I would care enough about it that I would cry over an éclair,” said an emotional Martha Collison...

...as the pressure of The Great British Bake Off was stepped up this week ahead of the quarter finals. However, it was Kate that eventually met a sticky end when her pastries didn’t make the cut.

This week saw the bakers create filled savoury parcels and be baffled at the technical challenge - the Kouign-Amann. “I’ve never even seen one!” was Chetna’s reaction. I, and even some of you bakers, were just as thrown by what the pastry could possibly be. Turns out it is a Breton treat, one which while it looked difficult to make, I can’t imagine is a best seller. Where is the flavour or the wow factor?

What could be best sellers, however, were the show-stopping éclairs. Second of course to Mary’s show-stopping stork-illustrated bomber jacket, which has apparently now sold out in Marks and Spencer.

American-style baking is in at the moment and is slowly making a bigger impact in the UK. Martha’s maple syrup and bacon éclairs may have gone down like a soggy bottom on the show, but they got a positive reaction on Twitter. Louis’ peanut butter and jam filled chouxs were also fantastically received both on the show and online.

Dawn Foods has launched its American bakery range this year with the idea that it gives UK bakers the chance to offer something exciting and different. I definitely get it - sweet and salty can be hit or miss, but when it’s a hit, products can fly off the shelves- just look at salted caramel.

It also offers bakers the chance to get creative with a theme and display. Richard’s ‘Éclair stair’ was a big hit on the show this week - sometimes it’s good to have a spark of inspiration to base your displays around.

As for Bake Off, anything could happen next week as the contestants tackle fruity loaves and show-stopping doughnuts. But the question is, will Mary top this week’s fashion extravaganza?