Baker beware! Innocent items of kitchen equipment could land you in some serious trouble, as one poor man (not a baker in this instance) found to his cost. The item in question was a spatula - a pretty normal piece of kit in your average bakery - but clearly a lethal weapon when brandished at large or used in a not-for-purpose situation.

According to The Sun newspaper, disabled gentleman Steve Gardner, of Torquay, Devon, found himself suddenly surrounded by cops with Taser guns, as he stood on the doorstep of his house, waiting for the post. Police who happened to be cruising the area, reportedly pounced on Gardner, ordering him to "drop the weapon". They then proceeded, somewhat unceremoniously we feel, to confiscate the spatula.

Steve admits that limited use of his hands means he employs the spatula as a letter-opener, back-scratcher - oh, and occasionally to "ice a cake". A police spokeswoman claimed the police had thought it was a bread knife "with the serrated edges removed and sharpened".

So, you have been warned: spatula, bread knife or even a spoon... be careful how and where you handle your kitchen implements!