Kingsmill has followed in Hovis’ footsteps and will introduce new nutritional labelling on its packaging.

The ‘traffic light’ labelling will be introduced across its range of sliced bread, rolls and breads of the world, in order to help ensure that consumers can make informed choices when it comes to bakery product purchases, said the firm.

The decision forms part of the voluntary commitment made by the firm in the government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal front-of-pack labelling pledge.

Darren Grivvell, director of brands at Allied Bakeries, said: “We are dedicated to openness and transparency about the nutritional value of our products.

“We currently have front-of-pack GDAs to help consumers enjoy Kingsmill products as part of a balanced diet. This new step to colour code will help consumers see the nutrition information at a glance.”

Kingsmill Soft White bread will be rated as green for sugar, fat and saturated fat, and amber for salt, for example.

The new labels will start to appear on-pack from January 2014.

In June this year Hovis is to become an early adopter of the government’s new hybrid labelling scheme, with calories, fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt listed on the front of all of its branded packs.