"Our Tommelier has helped us source the new tomatoes for our British tastes, including one variety from a tiny village in Sicily which has just the right amount of sun, salt and soil to create the tastiest tomatoes for pizzas" - Pizza Express proudly announces that it has employed a "tommelier" to choose tomatoes, while everybody else groans "In 2004 I had an installation where I burned 2,000 pieces of bread. It takes about one month" - Taiwanese artist Lishan Chang, who is planning to char more baguettes for an upcoming art installation in the US, takes the concept of ’slow food’ a bit too far "Southern fried squirrel is good. And tandoori style works well. But the one everyone seems to like is the Cornish squirrel pasty" - Erm, any chance of a veggie option? Cornish restaurant owner Kevin Viner spots a rodent-filled pastry niche