Mono (Swansea, West Glamorgan) says its compact chocolate enrobing system, the Gami T400E, can produce up to 100kg of tempered chocolate an hour.

The system is fully automatic with a 25kg melting kettle producing a continuous curtain of melted chocolate, which is then tempered through the cooling unit and delivered through an auger feeding pump.

The built-in depositor enables the operator to set exact chocolate quantities for confectionery moulds, bars or hollow chocolate products.

The unit has a wide range of optional accessories including tools for total product coverage, underside only, zig-zag or striped patterns and a vibrating table for chocolate moulds.

Martin Jones, sales director at Mono, says: "The Gami T400E is, in effect, a mini chocolate factory. It is compact but has great flexibility so you can easily produce a range of added-value chocolate items."