Morrisons has launched a clean label loaf under The Best premium brand as it "drives quality back into the market".

Trading manager Andy Clegg told British Baker that the new premium white sliced sandwich loaf is made from English and Canadian flour with no artificial additives. It is priced at 79p. The other ingredients are water, salt, soya flour, yeast and ascorbic acid.

Clegg said: "We are upping the benchmark on own-label in terms of quality and freshness. We call it The Best because it is the best we have ever produced and hopefully we will take brand share from Hovis, Kingsmill and Warburtons. It tastes like bread used to taste."

The loaf went into production this week and is being rolled out from three of Morrisons’ northern depots to stores in the north Midlands and upwards.

Clegg said the new loaf launches as Morrisons nears the end of a project to take hydrogenated fats out of The Best bakery range.

He added that he believes Morrisons has a unique bakery offer after its purchase of three former Rathbones bakeries in partnership with Rathbone Kear in 2005. These bakeries, in Wigan, Wakefield and Middlesbrough, supply Morrisons stores with Rathbones branded and own-label loaves, giving it a vertically integrated business.