A new company has been set up, which sources high-quality seeds for the baking industry.

Unicorn Ingredients, run by Frank Horan and Nicola Divers, who each have approximately 20 years’ experience sourcing seeds and pulses, can source from around the world and arrange processing and shipping to suit individual customers’ needs.

Targeting ingredients suppliers, plant bakers, speciality bread suppliers and wholesale distribution companies, Unicorn supplies ready-to-use finished products to grades required, and packaged as per customer needs.

Based in Epsom, Surrey, Unicorn’s Frank Horan, who formerly worked for seeds supplier Fuerst Day Lawson, told British Baker: "Growth in the bread market is almost entirely driven by loaves with added seeds and grains.

"When commodity prices and currencies are highly volatile, bakers need to be able to rely on supply and price levels."

Horan added: "We have shortened the supply chain, working with the original processor to meet customers’ requirements. All companies we work with have the necessary accreditation."

Seeds that Unicorn sources include poppy, pumpkin, sunflower, golden and brown linseeds, and sesame. The firm has also launched a website: [http://www.unicorningredients.com].


=== In Short ===

== Costello’s revamped ==

Costello’s Bakery in Driffield, Yorkshire, has reopened following a £9,000 refurbishment. Previous winners of the Gold Great Taste Award, the family-run craft bakery set up shop in Market Place 10 years ago. Costello’s produces hand-raised pies, as well as quiches, traybakes and cakes.

== Heinz gets Heinzsight ==

Heinz Foodservice has launched a new online resource tool, Heinzsight, aimed at helping catering companies fully realise their profitability. Heinzsight will aim to match the most suitable products to meet individual businesses’ requirements, as well as providing insight and recommendations in order to help businesses understand more about their customers and be as profitable as possible.

== Game, set and match ==

Danone Waters has started a five-year tenure as Official Bottled Water of The Championships, Wimbledon. Its Evian brand will be present at all matches, with reinvented packaging for the season: the Evian Mountains will be temporarily placed on a vibrant pink tennis ball.

== Breadhead attempt ==

A man has broken the world record for balancing the most bread on his head at Ilkeston Market Place in Derbyshire. John Evans carried 300 loaves on his bonce to break the record, in a bid to raise money for the Derbyshire Association for the Blind.

== Delivery ban ==

A Blackburn-based naan bread bakery owner is outraged at the council’s decision to ban vehicles unloading outside his shop. Kashif Ali fears the move will cripple his business, as lorries that regularly deliver two-and-a-half tonnes of flour to his premises are refusing to park outside.