Stop the Week has yet to tire of the mileage that bakery retailers have been getting out of Barack Obama’s election. So it is with some trepidation that we bring you this latest yin and yang instalment, which could provide the full-stop to the Obama-themed bakery saga. Call it a ’best practice guide’ to event marketing, if you will, coupled with an ’crashingly awful, potentially criminal practice guide’.

We’ll start with the good, shall we? Krispy Kreme introduced a promotion in the US, where it offered free cups of Americano coffee, featuring Obama’s face stencil-sprinkled on top, to customers that uttered his election slogan, "Yes we can", to staff. That’s the yin.

Kudos to Fox News for bringing us the yang. Fox inaugurated Lafayette French Pastry - a trendy New York bakery that’s been seen on Sex in the City - into its Hall of Shame for introducing... wait for it... ’Drunken negro cookies’. The chocolate-covered cookies featured - and we’re finding it’s hard to phrase this mildly - an ’unflattering’ racial caricature.

As a misguided tribute, the cookies were astonishingly renamed ’Obama Cookies’ on the US president’s inauguration day. See the full jaw-dropping horror here:

"Isn’t that promoting racism?" is the not unreasonable query we hear uttered, as the reporter gamely stifles his disbelief and puts his jaw back to work. "I think it’s a fun face," replies enlightened bakery owner Ted Kefalinos. "I call them drunken negro heads," he clarifies. "What’s the problem with that?" An unchastened Kefalinos denied all accusations of racism.

As an afterthought, it was revealed that Kefalinos had recently introduced ’Dead Geese Bread’, after a passenger jet ditched into the Hudson River earlier this month. They don’t teach this stuff at marketing school, do they?