Spraying Systems has developed pulse width modulation (PWM) to form part of its PulsaJet spray coating range. The PWM system applies fast on/off signals to PulsaJet, enabling the controlled and adjustable application of a coating to a product. The PWM spray system is made up of two elements - an AutoJet control unit and automatic spray nozzles from Spraying Systems’ PulsaJet series. The flavourate is controlled by changing how long the PulsaJet is spraying during one cycle, which eliminates the need to change nozzles.

The new PWM controller has a maximum speed of 20,000 cycles per minute. It has a wide working range and fluid pressure remains unchanged. Small amounts of fluid can also be sprayed in combination with larger spray nozzles, which reduces problems with clogging. PWM also produces less mist, reducing material costs.