The Real Bread Campaign is encouraging bakers across the country to bake a special loaf to celebrate Lammas.

Taken from the Old English for loaf mass, Lammas, on 1 August, is an ancient harvest festival where bakers and millers came together to celebrate locally produced bread.

A number of bakeries have already announced activities to celebrate the day. For example, Denver Mill in Norfolk will collect wheat from a local organic farm in the morning, mill it and bake a Lammas loaf, which will blessed by the local vicar.

Slow Bread in Whitstable will bake rosemary-seasoned Lammas loaves in the shape of the god of harvest, and The Hornbeam Centre in Walthamstow is offering families the chance to learn to bake or to bring their bread to share with others.

“Not that we need an excuse to celebrate locally produced Real Bread but Lammas is a perfect one,” commented Chris Young of The Real Bread Campaign.

More information can be found at or contact Chris Young or Richard Watts at or call 020 7837 1228.