The Renault Trafic van-based Connoisseur Caffè is a hot, cold and ambient snack delivery vehicle, which includes a fresh milk bean-to-cup coffee machine and instant boiling hot water, all displayed under top hinged doors to protect both the driver and customers from the weather.

New from CJ’s Specialist Vehicles, the inbuilt strength and structural integrity of a factory-built vehicle is retained by integrating all the equipment into a standard panel van.

Power for all systems is supplied by an inbuilt battery pack and 240v inverters, which means there is no need to keep the vehicle running at each call; the company says that even after 12 months of real-life trials, vehicles return to base each day with the batteries still showing between 90-95% of full charge.

The Connoisseur Caffè is designed to be operated by one person, can be opened and ready to serve in under 30 seconds and can be modified with numerous equipment variations.