Délice de France has added a number of new continental savouries to its existing range. A Spinach and Goats’ Cheese Tart, made from shortcrust pastry filled with goats’ cheese, mozzarella, crème fra&icircche and spinach is now on the menu, as are two new Pizza Demi Baguettes. Both baguettes have vegetarian toppings, one with mozzarella cheese and assorted vegetables including yellow peppers, aubergines and courgettes. The other has a tomato sauce, mushroom, onion and Emmental cheese topping.

Délice has also introduced holders on six new savoury slices for added convenience when snacking on the go. The six varieties are Cheese & Onion, Chicken Curry, Vegetable, Steak, Chicken & Mushroom and Minced Beef & Onion. "Délice de France is constantly developing fresh and innovative products to offer customers the most suitable quality products to suit their catering needs," said David Girdler, marketing director for Délice de France.

Banana & Walnut, Rich Fruit Loaf and Lemon & Poppy Seeded Cake have also been added to the summer menu. The cakes come pre-sliced with 10 slices per cake.