Pine nuts:

The prospects are for a strong new crop, which has already resulted in a steady price correction, in anticipation of much greater availability into next year. However, as importers are reluctant and have been for a while to bring in unsold stocks in a potentially further declining market, we might encounter technical shortages on supply between now and those first arrivals of new crop.

Pumpkin seeds:

China has also reported favourable prospects for its new crop of pumpkin seeds. This move should ensure optimal supply at least into 2012, although it should also be considered that pumpkin, along with most other seeds, is seeing exponential growth in its application across all food sectors and so, with cheaper prices to further stimulate its development, we are likely to see industry demand climbing further into 2012.

Sunflower seeds:

Pricing is unlikely to drop back on the basis that it remains competitive against other major seeds in this basket and its application is similarly "mushrooming". The proliferation of applications of sunflower over the past five years plus, guarantees its place among those lines that can safely and predictably see growth.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis