Ensure you have a varied and diverse range of soft drinks available.

Stock innovative, new and different products that offer credibility and added value elements.

Ensure you offer premium, quality, ’healthy’ alternatives alongside carbonates.

Create new occasions for soft drinks, such as breakfast or mid-morning.

Soft drinks and smoothies are ideal products with which to kick-start the day and they provide incremental sales.

Many retailers are seeing increased sales for soft drinks in a bottle or in a carton.

Provide descriptors of unusual soft drinks on a menu and mimic the language of wine. Describe the ingredients, taste and flavour and indicate where it originates from - eg a new brand on the market is Hib! which Is made from the Hibiscus flower. As well as providing information, this will enhance the premium perception of your soft drinks range.

As the saying goes, ’Eye level is buy level’, so ensure your soft drinks range is visible to the customer, particularly at lunchtime or when ordering food