Foodservice company SSP has revived its Panopolis sandwich shop concept after securing a deal to operate five cafés and restaurants at London City Airport.

The deal, which includes a bar, restaurant and Illy Espressa-mente Café, will see two Panopolis outlets located landside and airside, selling a range of upmarket sandwiches made with premium breads. The first pilot store at London Bridge railway station in 2007 has since been closed as part of the redevelopment of the station.

These are the first Panopolis outlets to trade in a UK airport. The brand operates nine outlets in other international airports including Houston, JFK, Raleigh-Durham (North Carolina), Toronto, Hong Kong, Lanarca (Cyprus), Abu Dhabi and Zurich.

"Because of the brand’s focus on premium breads of the world, each new opening is a stimulus for innovation as we seek out new breads that reflect the very best of local bakery," said Paul Passmore, portfolio commercial director for SSP. "This means that, in effect, the brand is adapted and refreshed every time we open a new store.

"The brand is particularly well suited to high-profile airport locations. However, we don’t see that it is limited to the airport sector, and we will consider suitable opportunities to develop it in other channels, should they arise in the future."

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