Plain sugar-topped doughnuts are the most popular variety, according to new research from Dawn Foods.

The bakery manufacturer surveyed the general public, in the run-up to National Doughnut Week (11-18 May), on their doughnut eating preferences.

It found that most consumers are likely to have a doughnut as an afternoon pick-me-up (54%), while ‘tea-time’ was their second preference and mid-morning the third. However, only 2.4% of consumers fancied doughnuts for breakfast, unlike the Americans, said Dawn.

In terms of the type of doughnut favoured, for ring doughnuts, the most popular was plain sugar-topped, (32%), with glazed (25%) second, followed by icing and sprinkles (22%) and chocolate (15%).

When it came to round doughnuts, plain sugar was the clear winner with 53% of the votes, with chocolate icing the runner up with 18%. However there was a less-than-clear distinction when it came to the choice between round and ring doughnuts, with consumers split 52%/48% respectively.

Jam stood out as the top filling with 47% of the votes, with custard and chocolate custard coming in a combined second place, with 16% and 13% respectively. Fruit fillings registered a combined total of 18%, with apple the most popular. 

Dawn also quizzed its respondents on whether they had any ideas for new fillings for round doughnuts. Among the suggestions were Nutella, blueberry, and rhubarb and custard.