Well they are at it again! This time it’s the Conservative leader, David Cameron, suggesting that the old Protestant work ethic is out of date. Try telling that to our Asian competitors, particularly the Chinese, and see what they think of such rubbish!

Now we all know MPs will do anything for votes and there are many more employees than employers, but they insult the intelligence of our staff if they think they can win their votes this way. When I enter into a contract with an employee, I understand our mutual agreement is that I pay him or her a set amount of money for his or her time and skills. This means that, while working for me in the hours agreed, their time is mine as I pay for it.

It logically follows that, if they skive off in my time, they are stealing my money. We have all had or have staff that are lazy. In our bakery we had one who liked to relax over a cup of coffee, sometimes for hours and hours, and another who retired, but we didn’t realise it for a year; we kept wondering why he never collected his pay packet.

When there are no jobs, they will blame us and the only answer I will give is: "Well, you listened to the politicians and while you were getting a fulfilled life, the rest of the world was taking your jobs."

Small businesses provide the majority of jobs in this country. Yet MPs appear to have no idea how it works; government often gives huge grants to large firms - supposedly to create jobs. Then, in a few years, the company folds and sends its products to be made in another country, where the workforce is presumably looking for work rather than a so-called balanced life-style.

The government should stop taking so much of our hard-earned money, cut down on the stupid laws and we would soon produce all the jobs necessary if they just left us alone.

We all know that if you say, "I believe in Victorian values", you get ridiculed by the trendy liberals. Well I do! There are the deserving and the undeserving poor. We have all employed staff who are incapable of coming in on time, have days off and spend an enormous amount of energy dodging work.

What is wrong with good manners, consideration for others and doing a good week’s work for a good week’s pay? Think of their world... it wasn’t all bad. Look at what they achieved, then compare it with The Dome.

Let’s face it, if a Martian landed on earth and said: "Take me to your leader", what on earth would he expect to learn? n