Irish bakery Brogans is set to break through the profit barrier for the first time in three years, following a deal to supply additional muffin lines to Tesco stores in the UK.

After gaining significant volume with Tesco UK, through ISB buyer Simon Holt in January 2008, the bakery announced it is now set to increase its turnover from E14m (£11.9m) to E18m (£15.3m) this year. The firm, based in Co Galway, is also in the process of recruiting 15 new employees to work on the manufacturing side of the business, which will take its total staff to 110.

"The bakery will be going from 24 hours five days a week to 24/7, starting from the end of June," explained director Andrew O’Connor.

Brogans will be supplying four new ISB mini muffin lines to Tesco in cherry cola, bubblegum, rhubarb and custard and mint choc varieties, as well as four extra seasonal varieties, said O’Connor.