Fuerst Day Lawson (FDL) (London) says companies can capitalise on consumer and media interest in the glycaemic index (GI) diet by adding seeds to their products.

Bakers can also add value to products with FDL bespoke bakery mixes with ingredients such as poppy, pumpkin, sunflower, golden and brown linseeds, and sesame seeds. A dried fruit range includes raisins and sultanas, apple rings, dried peaches and dried pears.

“We can supply mixes which increase fibre in bread or lower the GI, helping our customers to keep up with the latest thinking on diet,” says Frank Horan, divisional director of FDL’s seeds and natural products division.

“We can help bakers make bread more tasty, interesting and attractive to consumers, with mixes using seeds, dried fruit and grains we source from around the world.

“It’s the ideal way to add value to every bakery business.”