Foster Refrigeration (King’s Lynn, Norfolk) says it is helping bakers meet the increasing demands for energy efficiency with its new Green Paper, Energy efficiency – saving energy in the kitchen.

The company’s top tips include thinking about the location of your fridge within the kitchen, as this can affect its energy usage.

It also suggests that the running temperature is correctly set to suit the type of food within. Setting the refrigerator to the correct temperatures should immediately help lower one’s energy usage, says the firm.

When choosing a refrigerator, bakers should check with the manufacturer, who should be able to advise of annual energy usage levels, and ensure they are registered to the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme.

The choice of refrigerator should be based on the needs of the kitchen. The type of refrigerant used should also be considered. Hydrocarbon has been shown to use up to 13% less energy than the commonly used R404a refrigerant.