United Biscuits (UBUK) has launched its new range, Go Ahead! Oat Squares, this month, designed to capitalise on the trend for healthier products. The soft baked bars come in two varieties - Apple & Blackberry and Mixed Berry - and are made using oats, sultanas and fruit-flavoured pieces. The individually wrapped bars will be sold in packs of five and are being targeted as lunchbox accompaniments and for snacking on-the-go. Nick Stuart, commercial manager, UBUK said the product will provide consumers "with a baked alternative to the existing range of Go Ahead! snacks".

UBUK has also redesigned the packaging of its McVitie’s HobNobs in order to increase shelf stand-out and generate additional sales. The logo has become the focus of the pack and the orange background will unify the range under a single colour. A splash of colour will be used on-pack to differentiate between the variants - blue for the milk chocolate and red for the dark chocolate.